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top brass is a member in good standing of the SASS organization

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Cowboy action shooters love Top Brass - It's becoming the standard in New Unprimed brass casings.  Cowboy action shooters tell us they appreciate the Top Brass line of brass 45 colt casings and 45 colt blanks.  Based upon input from our team of famous cowboy action shooters and their requests for quality cowboy shooters supply, our top brass products represent 3 years of intensive handgun brass research and development with one goal in mind for our cowboy action shooters and hunting sportsmen alike:

"Create the Best New Top Brass Unprimed Casings at the Industry's Best Pricing!"

Have we Succeeded?  Ask the Finest Cowboy Shooters in the World  

Joe Bowman the Straight Shooter uses Only Top Brass shell casings!

World Champions Evil Roy and daughter Holy Terror plus the famous Wicked Felina all endorse Top Brass casings!

"Top Brass is my choice for Quality, Price, and Reliability for unprimed brass casings. You can count on Top Brass"

Joe Bowman

"We use Top Brass because of the Products and the People behind this Company.  Top Brass leads the way in quality and pricing"

Evil Roy & Family

When it comes to cowboy shooters supply, Top Brass is becoming the # 1 choice of cowboy action shooters from coast to coast.  Top Brass is the flagship ammo casing of Scharch Mfg.  This Colorado based handgun brass and reloading, and cowboy shooter supply manufacturer has been exceeding their handgun brass customer's expectations since 1980.  The recent addition of their New Top Brass line (currently available in 5 calibers) continues their tradition of top quality components, discount pricing and superior customer service!

Scharch is a lifelong sponsoring member of SASS and sponsors many cowboy shooting events across the country.  The Sharch/Top Brass President Dan Scharch and his wife Kay are both active cowboy action shooters.  They are known as Top Brass and Lady Brass. They're avid cowboy action shooters and share your passion for this fantastic, fast growing sport! No wonder they offer the very best value in cowboy shooter supply.

Top brass cartridges and blanks are available in 45 colt, 45 colt blanks, 44 Rem Mag and 44 S&W Spl, & 44 Russian.  Join the cowboy action shooters who are discovering the Top Brass cowboy shooter supply difference.

When it comes to handgun brass, rifle brass, reloading supplies or new top brass unprimed brass casings, you can't beat the Top Brass line.  Please click on any of the bullets on the left side of the page or View our catalog.  We provide all the essential cowboy shooter and the top brass cowboy shooter supply needs you'll ever want at a price you will really like.  We deliver the very best products at very competitive prices.  If you've not experienced the Top Brass difference...why not let us demonstrate how our quality, pricing and customer service makes us the cowboy shooter supply source you'll want to use.  You'll appeciate how our Top Brass quality, pricing and service will exceed your expectations!

You have our word on it.  Dan & Kay Scharch, Owners & Cowboy Shooters

Dan is known as Top Brass

Kay is known as Lady Brass


Call Us Toll Free:  Toll Free: 800-836-4683

Top Brass by Scharch Mfg.  10325 County Road 120

Salida, Colorado 81201

Phone: (719)539-7242  Toll Free: 800-836-4683
Fax: (719)539-3021

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